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Update on Voting

August 28, 2018
So here are the latest numbers in the Sequel voting! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. : ) The announcement of the winner ...  [read more]


August 6, 2018
Ok, here are the current results of the voting for the sequel of this year. NO Gaven or Tarsus this time! Any of the others ...  [read more]

2018 Sequels!

July 18, 2018
So, I am a little late to be posting this, but here goes... Just like last year, I am encouraging my readers to vote for ...  [read more]

Wings re-published!

June 23, 2018
Wings has been re-published through Etopia Press! So that's two down out of five titles that are waiting to be re-released since Loose ID closed ...  [read more]
The Emperor's Wolf, the re-published version, was released today! It is edited and changed to reflect the real story, which was cut severely during its ...  [read more]

Loose ID closed

May 13, 2018
As most of you probably already know, Loose Id has closed. That means that Gaven, Gaven: The Bonding, Draconian Measures, The Emperor's Wolf, and Wings, ...  [read more]
Well, this was a complete surprise! I didn't think Tarsus 2 -  http://www.etopiapress.com/fire-and-ice/ -would come out this quickly, and hard on the heels of "Parting ...  [read more]
Parting Truth has been released! Available at MLR Press in all formats, including Kindle and Nook. I'm really hoping it does credit to the rest of ...  [read more]

Tarsus 2 Finished!

February 22, 2018
Yay! Finished Tarsus 2 today. Will be sending it off to the publisher as soon as I go over it. That means both of the ...  [read more]

Farfall Release

December 28, 2017
My notification is a little late, since the book actually came out on Dec. 23, but the Christmas rush left me unable to find a ...  [read more]