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Going to GayRomLit!

June 9, 2017
Well, I have sucked up some courage and decided to attend my first reader/writer convention. I have never done this before, so it will be ...  [read more]

Sequels Count

May 15, 2017
Well, lots of responses to the Sequels voting! I will keep a running tab of which ones are being voted on! Keep them coming. The ...  [read more]


May 8, 2017
So, my plan is to focus on two sequels this fall. I have had several people write in with their favorites, so I thought we ...  [read more]

Draw for E-book

April 25, 2017
Well, I just finished another book, Siren's Call! Book 2 in my quest to complete five stories this year. In honor of that quest, I will ...  [read more]

Dragon Forge Release

March 25, 2017
Yay! Dragon Forge was released today! Finally got another book out!!! Was like pulling teeth to get this one done, but here it is. : ...  [read more]


March 23, 2017
Well, surprise! Dragon Forge is being released early, this Saturday, Mar. 25th! I am totally amazed at how quickly this had been achieved! Thanks so ...  [read more]

Dragon Forge finished!

March 10, 2017
Finally finished another book! Yay! Dragon Forge is the story of a young blacksmith and his abduction as a "chosen" to a dragon riders' fortress, ...  [read more]


February 14, 2017
As I have noted in some of my comments, this time has been both a blessing and a curse. Watching events unfold, and hearing so ...  [read more]

What a Mess!

January 15, 2017
My first book was published back in 2009, and it seems like eons ago. Things were bright then, the industry relatively new and full of ...  [read more]
"The Chosen", formerly published by the now defunct Ellora's Cave, (what a debacle), has now been re-edited and re-published by Etopia Press. The changes are ...  [read more]