I will post a list here of stories I am currently working on and gradually add descriptions of what they are about. Feel free to send comments to me (just click on my Contact link) on what you like to read about. I jump around from book to book as the mood takes me and I can make great strides on one and have to leave another completely for a while.
Currently working mostly on “Tarsus 2”. (See below)


Dragon Forge – 70,000 words. Etopia Press. Released Mar.25/17.
– stand alone work
– The story of a young blacksmith, taken against his will to work in the depths of the Dragon Riders’ fortress.

Siren’s Call – 67,000 words. Etopia Press. Released Aug. 2/17
– stand alone work
– The story of a young man, caught up in the intrigue of pirates and smugglers.

Away in a Manger – 15,000 words. Completed Nov.13, 2017 MLR Press
-stand alone work
-Christmas Short Story Challenge. Contemporary. Alberta ranch backdrop. Under contract to MLR Press, for Christmas 2018.

Parting Truth – 42,000 words. Completed Nov.13/17 MLR Press
– part 4 in the Gaven series.
– Ice’s story.

Farfall (Guso) – 62,000 words. Etopia Press. Released Dec.24/17
– stand alone work
– The story of Andon, a griffon rider (not griffins as we know them) and his struggle for acceptance in a world of privilege and title.



Tarsus 2 – 7000 words.
– plotline secret! Cue evil cackle…


IN THE WORKS: (All the unfinished stories I am still working on.) (Tentative titles)

Deepwater – 2000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of a man taken prisoner by the Mer, living on a deserted island in their domain.

The Demon Prince – 2000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of Pad, a young man dragged into the otherworld, the world joined to ours, populated by ghosts, spirits and demons, all ruled by an exiled demon prince.

Drums in the Rain – 2000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of Raine, a young man forced into competing with others for the chance of becoming the High Lord Emperor’s bondmate.

Duty Bound – 12,000 words.
– stand alone work
– The story of a young soldier who is forced into becoming a Prince’s lover, all because he resembles a dead man.

Forsaken – 5000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of Brace, a demon hunter forsaken by his people, left behind with nine others to try to survive amongst hated humans.

Ironfrost – 2000 words
-second in “The Emperor’s Wolf” series
-The story of Raith, an empath, taken against his will to the country of Tranaden. (Set 1500 years after the original story)

Jase – 6000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of an abused man, forced to return to an elven realm he does not remember, to an elf he is told he once loved in another life.

Kapata – 2000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of an islander captured by an enemy, eventually being gifted to the leader of a legendary tribe.

Last Note – 2000 words
– third book in the “Taken” series.
– a famous musician loses his memory and finds family among the infamous Martinelli clan.

The Last Rebel – 1000 words
– 2nd in Pale Moon Rising series.
– The story of Everitt, a young human bred to please a specific vampire master.

Nightfall – 8000 words.
– third book in the “Wings” universe. (None of the original characters have made an appearance in this one yet.)
– the story of a commander, captured by his enemies, trying to move beyond his cursed past.

Pale Moon Rising – 3000 words.
– first in a series
– The story of a special forces officer, in a time when the earth is taken over by demons, vampires and weres.

The Watcher – 1500 words
– stand alone work
– The story of a writer conned into loving a violent and dangerous man. Yet there is someone watching, someone who could save him if given the right incentive.

The Winter Born – 3000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of a royal child born of rape, hated by his country, accused of harboring a demon within him.

Wolf Run – 5000 words.
– stand alone work
– The story of a young wolf who survives the murder of his pack, taking the responsibility of getting the pups with him to sanctuary in a northern pack he has never met.

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