I will post a list here of stories I am currently working on and gradually add descriptions of what they are about. Feel free to send comments to me on what you like to read about. I jump around from book to book as the mood takes me and I can make great strides on one and have to leave another completely for a while.
Currently working mostly on “Dragon Forge”. (See below)


The Falling – 58,000 words. Released Nov. 13/15
– stand alone work
– The story of a young human warrior, captured and gifted to a Shadow Knight, a demon.

Windwraith – 61,000 words. Completed May 31/16. Under contract to Etopia Press.
– stand alone work
-The story of a young prince who can sense and comfort ghosts, and his unnatural relationship with his abusive brother.


Dragon Forge – 13,000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of a young blacksmith, taken against his will to work in the depths of the Dragon Riders’ fortress

Wolf Run – 5000 words.
– stand alone work
– The story of a young wolf who survives the murder of his pack, taking the responsibility of getting the pups with him to sanctuary in a northern pack he has never met.

IN THE WORKS: (All the unfinished stories I am still working on.) (Tentative titles)

The Demon Prince – 2000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of Pad, a young man dragged into the otherworld, the world joined to ours, populated by ghosts, spirits and demons, all ruled by an exiled demon prince.

Duty Bound – 12,000 words.
– stand alone work
– The story of a young soldier who is forced into becoming a Prince’s lover, all because he resembles a dead man.

Forsaken – 5000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of Brace, a demon hunter forsaken by his people, left behind with nine others to try to survive amongst hated humans.

Ironfrost – 2000 words
-second in “The Emperor’s Wolf” series
-The story of Raith, an empath, taken against his will to the country of Tranaden. (Set 1500 years after the original story)

Jase – 6000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of an abused man, forced to return to an elven realm he does not remember, to an elf he is told he once loved in another life.

Kapata – 2000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of an islander captured by an enemy, eventually being gifted to the leader of a legendary tribe.

The Last Rebel – 1000 words
– 2nd in Pale Moon Rising series.
– The story of Everitt, a young human bred to please a specific vampire master.

Nightfall – 8000 words.
– third book in the “Wings” universe. (None of the original characters have made an appearance in this one yet.)
– the story of a commander, captured by his enemies, trying to move beyond his cursed past.

Pale Moon Rising – 3000 words.
– first in a series
– The story of a special forces officer, in a time when the earth is taken over by demons, vampires and weres.

Parting Truth – 1000 words.
– part 4 in the Gaven series.
– Ice’s story.

The Watcher – 1500 words
– stand alone work
– The story of a writer conned into loving a violent and dangerous man. Yet there is someone watching, someone who could save him if given the right incentive.

The Winter Born – 3000 words
– stand alone work
– The story of a royal child born of rape, hated by his country, accused of harboring a demon within him.

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