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Well, surprise! Dragon Forge is being released early, this Saturday, Mar. 25th! I am totally amazed at how quickly this had been achieved! Thanks so much to Shelly and everyone else who has worked so hard on getting this done. Love the cover!
I am currently getting a huge amount done on another new book, Siren’s Call, a book on pirates! Arrgh, pirates. Got to love them! I have always loved ships and am so happy to work on a story with honest to goodness sailing ships… Anyway, I am hoping to have it done by the end of April.
My huge goal this year, is to get five books finished, something I have never achieved before and want to attempt. We will see how the muse holds out. : )
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  1. Serena S. says:

    I love pirates! I’m beyond excited, I love your work and can’t wait to read Dragon Forge and your upcoming books.