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At long last, the last of the five books that were originally at Loose Id have now all been re-published. A long haul, but finally done! The Emperor’s Wolf is the only one that has significant changes. The rest are pretty much original.
The Emperor’s Wolf, along with Wings were re-published with Etopia Press.
Gaven, Gaven: The Bonding and Draconian Measures have been re-published with MLR Press. : )

At long last, I am getting to the end of the re-publishing process! Gaven: The Bonding came out today at MLR Press. Only “Draconian Measures” left to go…

Gaven Re-published!

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Just to let everyone know that “Gaven” has finally been re-published and is available at MLR Press! I expect it to show up on the other sites soon. I hope that “Gaven: The Bonding” and “Draconian Measures” will be re-published soon as well. Such a process with Loose ID now closed!

Wings re-published!

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Wings has been re-published through Etopia Press! So that’s two down out of five titles that are waiting to be re-released since Loose ID closed down. Will be so glad when all this is over. 😛
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The Emperor’s Wolf, the re-published version, was released today! It is edited and changed to reflect the real story, which was cut severely during its original editing. I am so happy to see it changed and back to where I envisioned it! For those of you who already purchased the book over the years, I have had the “prologue” for free on my site, under Tidbits. The new version has a beautiful new cover as well! Doing a happy dance! This has bothered me for years, silly though that might be.

Well, this was a complete surprise! I didn’t think Tarsus 2 – -would come out this quickly, and hard on the heels of “Parting Truth”! Not to mention that this is my 20th book! Yay! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe that I would reach this far when I started being published back in 2009. It is kind of blowing my mind here… : P The digital age has opened doors to a great many authors that would have had to struggle to be noticed by the big publishers. I have read so many new and talented authors since then, and am grateful for the opportunities that this medium has brought my way!!

Parting Truth has been released! Available at MLR Press in all formats, including Kindle and Nook.
I’m really hoping it does credit to the rest of the Gaven series!!
Let me know what you think. : )
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My notification is a little late, since the book actually came out on Dec. 23, but the Christmas rush left me unable to find a moment to actually even power up my computer!! So, Farfall is out, finally, and I will be working on providing links to sellers on my website if you need them.: )
Hope all of you had wonderful Holidays, and let’s hope for a happy New Year! 2018, here we come…

Yay! Dragon Forge was released today! Finally got another book out!!! Was like pulling teeth to get this one done, but here it is. : )

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Just letting everyone know that my new book, Soulseeker, (Formerly named Windwraith) was released today! Hope everyone enjoys Rian’s story.: )