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Coming Last Week in April! Yay!

So this is April 1st, and you guessed it, still no second book. I am so sorry for this second delay, but it is really out of my hands. : ( As you heard, my editor is going through a really hard time, and I don’t want to pressure her. I worked hard to get that second book finished, so there would be no lag in the story, but fate, it seems, has other ideas.

So in the meantime, I will work on other stories. The Emperor’s Wolf sequel is presently stuck, so I will work on two new ones.

Sarah, the second Siren’s Call book is officially started!!

As soon as I hear anything at all, I will let you all know. In the meantime, enjoy April. The snow is almost gone here and I can’t wait for green grass!!

Take Care


Delay : (

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So… Sorry to tell you that the second book in the Rain series, Night of Rain, won’t be coming out until late March. My editor is on bereavement leave, so much though I wanted this out in February, I am more concerned about her. I am almost finished the third book, if that is any consolation. Will keep you posted as to release date. : )

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Just a quick note to let everyone know that “Siren’s Call” has FINALLY been released!!! Yay!

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Well, I have sucked up some courage and decided to attend my first reader/writer convention. I have never done this before, so it will be an experience, hopefully a good one!!! It is in Denver, Colorado, from October 18-22, 2017. If any of you are in the region at the time, I would love to see you. : )
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Well, lots of responses to the Sequels voting! I will keep a running tab of which ones are being voted on! Keep them coming. The decisions will be posted Sept. 1, 2017: )

Gaven universe – 19
Wings universe – 10
Emperor’s Wolf universe – 8
Tarsus universe – 8
Taken universe – 6
The Falling universe – 5
Dragon Forge universe – 3
Wishes universe – 5
Betrayal universe – 6
Ice Prince universe – 4
Soulseeker universe – 5
The Chosen universe – 3

So, my plan is to focus on two sequels this fall. I have had several people write in with their favorites, so I thought we could make this fun! Contact me and vote on the sequel you would most like to see come out. The two with the most votes will be my focus! : ) If I get enough responses, I might post them to keep things interesting!
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Well, I just finished another book, Siren’s Call! Book 2 in my quest to complete five stories this year.
In honor of that quest, I will randomly draw five names from my contact list each time a book comes out.
Also, I am going to be sending out free copies of “The Ascension”, the first book of my m/f series, Aelida, to everyone on my mailing list. If you are not into m/f, feel free to pass it on to someone else who might enjoy it!

Take Care

Well, surprise! Dragon Forge is being released early, this Saturday, Mar. 25th! I am totally amazed at how quickly this had been achieved! Thanks so much to Shelly and everyone else who has worked so hard on getting this done. Love the cover!
I am currently getting a huge amount done on another new book, Siren’s Call, a book on pirates! Arrgh, pirates. Got to love them! I have always loved ships and am so happy to work on a story with honest to goodness sailing ships… Anyway, I am hoping to have it done by the end of April.
My huge goal this year, is to get five books finished, something I have never achieved before and want to attempt. We will see how the muse holds out. : )
Take Care

As I have noted in some of my comments, this time has been both a blessing and a curse. Watching events unfold, and hearing so many horror stories from readers, authors and publishers over ARE’s moral and financial collapse, it made me sit back and take stock of things. Of what had happened, how I felt about continuing in this ebook industry, where it is all too easy for sales numbers to be fudged. I think there needs to be more accountability, in my humble opinion.
But beyond that, it brought me in a circle, back to where I started writing and why. I wrote because I always had, even as a child. It is as natural to me as breathing and as important to my well being. It has empowered me, in shedding harmful emotions through the magic of words, to create worlds and characters who went through terrible things, and yet, came out the other side triumphant, battered, bruised but with hope.
Like me.
If that is me, then I cannot let these recent events destroy what I do, how I express myself. Writing is not a job to me, it IS me. Therefore, to let others take that away is pure foolishness. I am stronger than that.
The blessing is that I have heard so many comments from fans and readers, who have taken the time to let me know they support me, that they enjoy the stories and it gives them pleasure. If this had not happened, would I have realized that to this extent?
So a silver lining brings me back to why I write. I love reading about characters who go through terrible things and come out the other side, and it was hard to find stories that went deep enough in emotional darkness to suit me. So I wrote stories involving such things, and found others who loved what I did. I could share and it was wonderful in a way I had never encountered before. I love to see people truly “get” what I am writing about.
And it is those people who have sent such kind and total support.
In light of that, how can I quit? I have to go back to my roots and remember why I am writing at all.
Strange, that today, after realizing all this, I have written non-stop, my muse up and running in full force.
Perhaps that was what this mess was meant for.
Thank you to all those lovely souls who wrote to me, both privately and on my blog. Your comments were taken to heart. Any future works are dedicated to all of you.
Be kind. Remember your words and actions echo through those you encounter daily. The smallest gesture or word can lift someone to glorious heights or break them entirely.
Take care of each other.