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March News

March 27, 2014
I am still waiting to hear about "Ice Prince." One of the problems I have always had, is that I want to write fantasy with ...  [read more]

February News

February 28, 2014
Please let spring come soon!!! So tired of snow and cold. Feel like I am hibernating. : ) I am still plodding along, although I have ...  [read more]
Just to let you know that my new book, "Out of the Darkness, Taken 2" was released today! I very much hope it will be ...  [read more]

December News

December 22, 2013
Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to all my readers! December has been a wonderfully creative month for me! I have finished another book, ...  [read more]

November News

November 28, 2013
I just finished the first edits for "Taken 2: Out of the Darkness" and at this moment, the release date is tentatively scheduled for the ...  [read more]

October News

October 30, 2013
At last! Some real news to share! The second "Taken" book, "Out of the Darkness", has been officially accepted by Etopia Press, and is now ...  [read more]

August News

August 19, 2013
Finally finished a book! My muse took a year long vacation, but it seems to be willing to work again, so hopefully it will not ...  [read more]

April News

April 30, 2013
The Aelida books, 1-4, are going to be coming out in print. The Ascension (#1) is in the lineup right now. : ) Still working ...  [read more]

January News

January 31, 2013
A late Happy New Year to everyone! I am back writing seriously now after a year of illness and it feels very good I can ...  [read more]

December News

December 31, 2012
Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! May the coming months of 2013 be kind. : ) Take Care J.C.  [read more]