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February 14, 2017
As I have noted in some of my comments, this time has been both a blessing and a curse. Watching events unfold, and hearing so ...  [read more]

What a Mess!

January 15, 2017
My first book was published back in 2009, and it seems like eons ago. Things were bright then, the industry relatively new and full of ...  [read more]
"The Chosen", formerly published by the now defunct Ellora's Cave, (what a debacle), has now been re-edited and re-published by Etopia Press. The changes are ...  [read more]


August 13, 2016
Just letting everyone know that my new book, Soulseeker, (Formerly named Windwraith) was released today! Hope everyone enjoys Rian's story.: )  [read more]

June News

June 5, 2016
Finally finished another book! About bloody time... "Windwraith" is completed and has been sent to Etopia Press. Hope to hear something soon. Not sure what ...  [read more]
Yay! Just letting you know, my new book, "The Falling" has just been released! Also related to this, I am trying to contact Lee Sebert ...  [read more]

September News

September 30, 2015
Back in the saddle again! Was a wild and crazy summer, but I am back to writing again, so hopefully will get some stories out. ...  [read more]

The Falling finished!

September 14, 2015
So sorry for not posting for a while. This summer has been crazy! Anyway, back to writing now. Just finished a new story, "The Falling", ...  [read more]


April 17, 2015
Just a quick message to let people know that my short story, Tarsus, has been released! Take Care J.C.  [read more]


March 1, 2015
Just letting everyone know that my new book, "Betrayal" has now been released! Hope you enjoy it! Take Care J.C.  [read more]