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November 13, 2017
Wow! Finished two stories in one day! That has to be a first. Finished "Away in a Manger", a short Christmas story, written for a ...  [read more]

Christmas Story

November 13, 2017
I just finished a short Christmas story, which was written for a Christmas Short Story challenge. I have never written a specific Christmas story before, ...  [read more]

GRL 2017

October 30, 2017
It was so amazing to attend GRL! Met so many people! I can now link names to faces of authors and readers that I have ...  [read more]

GRL Retreat

October 17, 2017
I am leaving tomorrow for GRL Retreat in Denver. Nervous and excited all rolled into one. Can't wait to meet other authors, and really, really ...  [read more]

Gaven and Tarsus Win!

September 1, 2017
Well, the sequels count is in! Gaven won by a landslide, so for September and October, I will be working on Ice's story, Parting Truth. ...  [read more]

And Back Again

August 22, 2017
Well, I have to say the Bowron canoe circuit has a lot to recommend it if you need to lose weight. Shed ten pounds of ...  [read more]

Off on Holiday

August 8, 2017
Just letting everyone know I will be offline until Aug. 25. I am off to the Rocky Mountains for a ten day kayak trip, and ...  [read more]

Siren’s Call

August 4, 2017
Just a quick note to let everyone know that "Siren's Call" has FINALLY been released!!! Yay! Take Care J.C.  [read more]

Going to GayRomLit!

June 9, 2017
Well, I have sucked up some courage and decided to attend my first reader/writer convention. I have never done this before, so it will be ...  [read more]

Sequels Count

May 15, 2017
Well, lots of responses to the Sequels voting! I will keep a running tab of which ones are being voted on! Keep them coming. The ...  [read more]